React Portfolio


Designed and developed a ReactJS portfolio with fancy 3D animations using Three.js for the background element.

VeriTru Project


An advocacy project website built using MEAN stack with fact-checking tool to promote actions against fake news.

LoFo Project


Logistics and Forwarding website built using ReactJS to design and develop its front-end.

Startup Project


A website portfolio project for the Startup Dev Team built using MEVN stack to demonstrate the CRUD capabilities of the tech stack.

Startup Project


A website project for the La Calle Cafe business built using Wordpress and PHP with integrated SEO tools to help the business ramp up its prospects and lead generation.


I'm Mark Tan, a multidisciplinary designer & developer. I'm always down for something new and challenging! I'm here to help you create beautifully formatted websites. My projects mostly includes web development.

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